Metro's Online Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Will Keep You in Compliance and Will Manage Your Record-Keeping For You!

New York State law requires that employers provide sexual harassment prevention training to ALL employees ANNUALLY.  

Employees include:
  1. Exempt 
  2. Non-exempt 
  3. Part-time 
  4. Seasonal
  5. Temporary workers
Employers are also required to adopt a written sexual harassment prevention policy. These policies must be made available to all employees. Customizable policies are included in the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Sign in to your account, and choose NYS Sexual Harassment Information from the top menu bar to create your policy.

Employers must provide employees with a Complaint Form.

Employers must hang a Poster in a conspicuous place.

The training on this website is currently only available in English, but employers are required to offer trainings in languages spoken by their employees.