The NYS Liquor Authority announced that it has changed the way it conducts underage stingĀ operations.  It has long been standard practice that if an underage decoy is asked for their age by a store clerk, he/she must answer truthfully, and may not lie. Under the new protocol, if questioned, the underage decoys are allowed to lie about their age, putting retailers at greater risk of selling to an undercover minor.


If you have not had a prior violation in the last 5 years

  1. If you take the ATAP Training course and then are caught selling to a minor, the ABC law violation brought against you will be a bond claim.  
  2. If you take the course after you are caught selling to a minor, your fine will be reduced by 25% with training certificate proof within 90 days. 

It is becoming increasingly important to protect your license by getting trained.